Three Pillars For Change

BabyDonna is not another tree planting company. We decided to develop a Three Pillars Approach to create a clear strategy on how we want to evoke positive change. While we are working to create inclusive options in the skincare market for our children. Our goal is also to create better outcomes for our children. Creating safe products and safe spaces, go hand in hand for us.

1 in 5 teens 17-19 exit foster care and experience homelessness. 1 in 5 teens exiting foster care report being incarcerated between the ages of 17-19. Black youth are disproportionately represented in the foster care and juvenile justice system. We want to change these startling numbers by spreading awareness and advocating for change regarding the many systems that negatively impact Black and brown youth and families. We are committed to uplifting our community, specifically youth and families impacted by systemic injustice. Our Three Pillars For Change is a way for us to direct how we want to make impactful change in the world.

  • Empowering Our Community

    Aligning with community leaders and members to provide meaningful direct impact for those who need it most and utilizing our platform to be a voice for change.

  • Donating

    We are commited to provided in kind and monetary donations to non profits truly commited to helping create meaningful and impactful opportutnies for youth involved in the juvenile justice and foster care system.

  • Commitment to Clean Ingredients

    We are committed to our promise of providing safe and environmentally friendly ingredients in our products.

Thank You For Helping Us