Why Black People Need Daily Sunscreen: Protect Your Skin

Why Black People Need Daily Sunscreen: Protect Your Skin

Dalaise Hickey

Hey, beautiful souls! Let's chat about something crucial: the importance of wearing sunscreen EVERY day, regardless of the season. 

We all know that the sun's harmful UV rays can damage our skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. But here's the deal – skin protection isn't just a summertime affair, and it's essential for everyone.


UV Rays Don't Take a Break

UV radiation is present year-round, even on cloudy days. It can penetrate through clouds, windows, and even your favorite shade tree. So, don't be fooled by the weather – shield up!


Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone

Darker skin tones are not immune to sun damage. Over time, UV exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.


Skin Cancer Risk

While it's true that melanin provides some natural sun protection, it doesn't make you invincible. Skin cancer can affect people of all skin tones and black patients have much worse outcomes when compared to their white counterparts.. Early prevention is key. 


Anti-Aging Superhero

Sunscreen is your best friend when it comes to maintaining youthful, radiant skin. It helps prevent premature aging and those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. What better way to help preserve your child's skin, than to start early preserving their melanin. They will certainly thank you later.

So, lovelies, make daily sunscreen application a part of you and your child's skincare routine, no matter your skin tone. Look for broad-spectrum SPF, at least SPF 30, and apply it generously to all areas exposed to the sun.

Remember, beautiful skin is a lifelong journey!