best sunscreen for kids with eczema

Best Sunscreen For Kids with Eczema

Dalaise Hickey

Finding a sunscreen for any child can be challenging but searching for a sunscreen for a child that has eczema is something I can relate to.

I'm Dalaise Hickey, the proud founder of BabyDonna, the first and only black-owned mineral sunscreen specially crafted for black and brown children. My journey to create this sunscreen has been filled with both passion and challenges, shaped significantly by my experiences as a mother to a small daughter with eczema.

As a mother, my utmost priority has always been the well-being and happiness of my children. When my daughter was diagnosed with eczema, a skin condition causing dry, itchy, and inflamed skin, I faced a unique set of difficulties in finding suitable products to protect her from the sun. Traditional sunscreens often aggravated her sensitive skin and left an unpleasant residue, making her eczema flare-ups even worse. This pushed me to embark on a quest to find a safe and gentle solution for her, which eventually led to the birth of BabyDonna.

The journey of creating BabyDonna was no walk in the park. There were months of reformulations along with testing to ensure the sunscreen would cater to the unique needs of black and brown children. I was committed to developing a product that not only provided reliable sun protection but also blended better into their darker skin tones.

Overcoming obstacles and skepticism became my daily routine. Some doubted the necessity of a sunscreen explicitly designed for children of color, but my determination and love for my daughter drove me forward. I knew in my heart that I was filling a void in the market and advocating for representation in the beauty and skincare industry.

As a black mother, I understood the significance of empowering underrepresented voices in the business world. Establishing BabyDonna as a black-owned brand was a powerful statement of diversity, inclusivity, and breaking barriers in the sunscreen industry.

When BabyDonna finally came to fruition, it was more than just a product to me; it was a symbol of resilience and change. Being able to use a sunscreen I created and can safely use on my daughter brought an overwhelming sense of fulfillment. But the impact of BabyDonna went beyond my family—it touched the lives of countless other parents and caregivers searching for a sunscreen they could trust.

Today, BabyDonna stands tall as a testament to the power of perseverance and the unyielding love of a mother. My journey as an entrepreneur and mother has been an extraordinary one, filled with valuable lessons and moments of triumph. As we continue to grow and expand BabyDonna's reach, I remain committed to providing sun care solutions that prioritize the unique needs of black and brown children, just like my daughter.